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07 September 2010 ~ 0 Comments

How To Test Your Readiness Quotient


National Preparedness Month is in full swing and such organizations as the American Red Cross are filling you in on all of the steps necessary to be ready. From being informed to planning a kit, getting yourself prepared is the most important thing to do before a disaster or emergency occurs.

We came across this website the other day and in celebration of National Preparedness Month, we thought this would be a great way to test your RQ (or Readiness Quotient).

This test is a first of its kind for individuals, families and communities to determine and evaluate their readiness. After you answer the questions, they will show you how you test up with the national average and learn specific steps you can take to better prepare yourself and your family.

Test your Readiness Quotient here and get the tips necessary to become that much more prepared during National Preparedness Month.

The Readiness Quotient Test is possible thanks to these fine organizations: American Red Cross,, The Sloan Foundation, and Citizen Corps.

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