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Our Partnership With The American Red Cross

In 2002, Etón developed an innovative line of self-powered radios perfect for use in case of a natural disaster or other emergency situation. Since then, our crank radio platform has grown from one product to nine, offered in a variety of colors and casings.

In 2005, when the most active hurricane season in history hit, we knew it was more important than ever to make people aware of our product line. That is when we decided to partner with the American Red Cross, the nation’s most highly regarded emergency preparedness and relief organization, on a line of co branded radios.

At Etón, one of our goals is to help the public be prepared for any situation- a goal we share with the American Red Cross. This is why we have joined with one of the nation’s best known emergency preparedness and disaster relief organizations in order to introduce the American Red Cross by Etón line of emergency radios.

The American Red Cross recommends these types of radios for every household as a part of their basic preparedness supplies. They are not dependent on batteries or electricity for power. Instead, turning the hand crank brings the radio to life. The emergency radios offer features such as AM, FM, shortwave, NOAA, and TV/VHF tuning, a built-in flashlight, a cell phone charger and a siren.

These emergency radios have quickly become one of Etón’s most popular product lines and we look forward to a long relationship with the American Red Cross.

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