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YouTube Tech Reviewers Test Out The Soulra

YouTube has become a popular place to watch tech reviewers test out the latest gadgets. A few of the top YouTube tech reviewers got their hands on the Soulra to give their opinion on the solar powered iPod/iPhone portable speaker system.

Check out the two reviews below from TechnoBuffalo and YouriPodStop:

1.) jon4lakers (aka TechnoBuffalo)
With over 130,000 subscribers, Jon from TechnoBuffalo.com, has become one of the top tech reviewers on YouTube. He recently did an unboxing video for the Soulra, but he also recently provided a review. In the review, he called the Soulra “one of the best portable speaker docks out there”

2.) YouriPodStop
Daniel from YouriPodStop’s speciality is Apple reviews, so it was great to see him try out the Soulra. He did an unboxing and also tested out the product in the video below.

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