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How To Operate Your Radio During An Emergency

As Hurricane season draws to a close, there are still weather emergencies out there and we would like to get you prepared. For the majority of Americans, the upcoming months will bring plenty of snow, ice, and sleet. If you are stuck with no power or form of communication, our American Red Cross emergency radios can help you keep your cell phone charged as well as alert you to any weather updates.

Below are three of our best American Red Cross based products, along with their PDF manual, and YouTube video. This will give you a better explanation on how each product works and how you can operate them properly during an emergency.

American Red Cross Microlink FR160 [PDF manual]


  • Turn the crank for about 90 seconds. This will result in 30-40 minutes of low volume play.
  • Place the unit directly in sunlight. The solar power adapter on the top of the unit charges it automatically. About 8-10 hours in the sun will allow about 3-5 hours of play.


  • Select AM, FM or WB (weather band) channel 1-7 with the band selector switch. For FM and WB, fully extend the telescopic antenna. When using only AM the antenna need not be extended.
  • Adjust the volume with the VOLUME control.
  • Tune stations with the TUNE knob, or tune in WB with the 7-position switch.

American Red Cross Solarlink FR360 [PDF manual]


The FR360 is powered with 3 AAA batteries, the Dynamo and Solar cell (DYN/SOL) and the AC adapter (not included). To turn the radio on, select DYN/SOL or BATT (upper right, next to the LCD) and then press POWER.

American Red Cross Solarlink FR600 [PDF manual]


The unit is powered with 3 AA batteries, the solar cell, the Dynamo (rechargeable Ni-MH battery), the AC adaptor (not included) or the DC computer input. Select BATTERY, SOLAR or DYNAMO power with the Power Supply Knob on the upper right side of the radio.

The power sockets are on the back of the radio, under the rubber covers. After applying power, select the correct position with the Power Supply Knob and place the Band Selecting Knob in the AM, FM, SW, WB or Alert position to turn it on. Turn it off by placing the Band Selecting Knob in the OFF position.

For more information on our American Red Cross line, visit our product page or download our free preparedness guide.

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4 Responses to “How To Operate Your Radio During An Emergency”

  1. Doug Jones 20 November 2013 at 10:37 pm Permalink

    My unit is not making any sound after turning on. You can hear it turning on but then, nothing.It has been charged by both solar and crank. Am I doing something wrong or is it broken?

  2. Eton Corp 21 November 2013 at 3:02 pm Permalink

    Hi Doug. Sounds like it might be the radio. Please get in touch with Eton customer support for a resolution: http://etoncorp.com/en/contact


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