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5 Things You Forgot to Add to Your Emergency Kit

If you have an emergency kit, then you’ve likely stocked it with food, water, a first aid kit and a weather radio. While it’s important to always have a stocked kit in your home (because you never know when an emergency or disaster will happen), the importance is resonating now in light of the earthquakes, tornadoes and floods we’ve seen this year.

Aside from the items listed above, you should also have flashlights and extra batteries in your kit—but your already knew that. So here are a few things you might not have thought to add to your emergency kit:

  • Prescription medications – Stocking a few days’ worth of your medications in your kit will prevent you from scrambling around trying to find them in case of an emergency, or worse, being without for days in the aftermath.
  • Cash and change – Fill a waterproof container with a stash of cash and/or traveler’s checks. In the case of an emergency, ATMs may not be operational and banks may close. Keeping cash will ensure your family can buy things they need.
  • Matches – Grab some waterproof matches to keep in your kit—it never hurts to have the ability to make a fire.
  • Household Bleach – Not only is it a great disinfectant, but bleach (not the scented or color safe kind) is a great tool for sanitizing drinking water. Adding 16 drops per gallon to make water safe for drinking.
  • Tools – Adding a basic hammer, wrench, screwdriver and pair of pliers to your emergency kit will allow you to turn off utilities after a disaster.

Other items to have in your kit include dry clothes and shoes, blankets and cell phone chargers. It’s also a good idea to keep a kit like this both in your home and your car. Having at least a few of these items in the office doesn’t hurt, either.

What other items are in your emergency kit?

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  1. Ann Lukens 18 May 2011 at 7:05 pm Permalink

    Along with those prescription medications, make sure you have spare eyeglasses or contact lenses. Whenever you get new ones, put the older ones in your kit as spares. They may not be the newest prescription, but they are better than none.

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