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5 of the Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Do you tend to over-pack when you travel? Well there’s one way you can load-up everything you’ll need for your trip without having to buy an extra suitcase.

You’re already taking your phone with you anyway, so why not fill it with apps that make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable? Here are five of our favorite travel apps for iPhone:

TripIt – This free app keeps your itinerary at your fingertips while providing maps and directions as well as links to airlines, hotels, restaurants and more!

AroundMe – Feeling hungry? Need to access an ATM? AroundMe helps locate businesses based on your keywords and provides you with maps and directions so you can get there quickly.

Flightview – This app lets you stay in-the-know with real-time flight information, including gate assignments, delays and cancellations as well as a flight’s progress.

Wi-Fi Finder – Traveling out of the country? This app does exactly what the name suggests and helps your avoid paying large fees for international data charges!

Word Lens – When traveling internationally, not knowing the language can be one of your biggest obstacles. This handy app lets your translate written words automatically from one language to another using your built-in video camera.

With all these apps to use – you won’t want your phone to die! If you’re looking for a way to charge your phone no matter where you go, we have your answer: The Soulra XL. This solar-powered sound system not only plays your favorite music from your iPod or iPhone, it also charges it using solar-power – no outlet necessary. With a fold down solar panel, built-in handle and convenient gel-cushioned carrying strap, the Soulra XL is ready to go wherever you go.

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