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How to Camp on a Budget

Camping can be a great way to spend time with your family and nature. However, between tents, sleeping bags and fishing poles, the costs of a weekend woodland getaway can add up!

Spending time in nature shouldn’t break the bank. Here are four great tips for camping on a budget.

Keep it Simple. Camp stoves, high-end fishing poles and fancy lanterns—there’s a lot of camping gear out there and when you’re planning a trip on a budget, it’s oftentimes gear that you don’t need. When it comes to camping keep it simple. Not only will it help save you money, but it will also be less to pack in the car and less to put away when you return from your trip!

Borrow Equipment. Just starting off camping, but know someone who loves to spend weekends away? Ask if you can borrow equipment. Many people, who truly love camping, also want to share the experience with others and would be happy to lend a helping hand.

Don’t know any avid campers? Check with a Boy Scout troop near you to find out if they lend equipment. Make sure to consider a donation for their generosity.

Plan for the Future. Though camping can grow into a life-long hobby, kids-size sleeping bags are likely to quickly be outgrown by your budding naturalists. When selecting kids camping gear, keep in mind that what fits this year might not fit during the next.

Price Your Site. When factoring the cost of your camping trip, don’t forget about fees for your campsite. Planning ahead and using a website like Go Camping America can help you get the information you need to price-compare campsites and pick a location that meets your needs and your budget.

When it comes to family vacations, camping is actually one of the least-expensive options. So if you’re looking to splurge a little bit, consider picking up one of these multi-purpose gadgets. Not only are they solar-powered, but they provide the features and alerts you need to keep you and your family safe while you camp.

The Raptor: Solar-Charger with All-Terrain Guidance Functions

The Scorpion: Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio 

Do you love camping? What are your must-have camping gear and gadgets?

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