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Ears To Our World – Eton Donates iPod Speakers and Radios to Haiti & Sudan

Ears To Our World (ETOW) is “a grass roots, non-profit organization that specializes in the distribution of self-powered world band radios to schools and communities in our developing world. Mission has expanded to include radios for relief and for children who are visually impaired.”

This mission is something that struck a chord with us here at Etón. We first donated to ETOW in 2009, and then again in 2010 during their Radios to Haiti campaign. Most recently, we donated Soulras to Project Education Sudan for Sudan’s election. Since the Soulra uses solar power, it’s easy to take education anywhere. Lessons are simply loaded onto iPods and played through the Soulra.

Here are some photos from our recent donation to Project Education for Sudan:

ETOW donation Eton

PES photo c/o ETOW

ETOW donation Eton

PES photo c/o ETOW

The founder of ETOW also shot this short clip with one of the recipients of a radio donation. Self-powering radios like the one seen in this video (as well as hand crank and solar-powered radios we donated) are a simple way to quickly distribute news and information to groups of people.

MBU Warr – 1 Year Report from Thomas Witherspoon on Vimeo.

We’re happy to be involved with organizations like this and plan to continue these relationships into the future!

Click on the links here of you’re interested in learning more about Ears to our World or Project Education for Sudan. Are there similar organizations with which you’re involved?

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