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Don’t Let the Cold Weather Keep Your Indoors — Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for the Whole Family

For those of you in places like Boston and Denver, you’ve already had the first major snowfall of the year. For others in the midwest and surrounding regions, you know it’s coming soon. Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean you need to keep your kids bundled up indoors with board games and movies. Instead, head outside and enjoy the crisp air, and if you’re lucky (we know that’s debatable), a yardful of snow.

snowy yard

Before you head outside, make sure everyone is bundled up from head to toe. Mittens, boots, a hat and a coat are essential. Layers are usually best, as all the running around will often generate enough body heat to shed a layer. If you’ll be outside playing with the kids, prepare some juice or hot chocolate ahead of time—then take frequent breaks to fuel up so no one gets dehydrated.

Once you’re outside, get active! It can be tempting to sit around inside all winter, so when you’re out get that heartbeat pumping.

  • Have a dance party. The Soulra and Soulra XL are both large enough (and loud enough) to be hear throughout the yard. Put on your favorite holiday tunes, or even those that remind you of the summer sun, and have a dance off!
  • Look for animal tracks. When there’s snow on the ground, grab your little detectives and search for animal prints in the snow. Take photos with your camera or iPhone (keep a Mobius case on it to be sure you’re charged up) then look them up on the Internet later to see what kind of furry neighbors you have!
  • Take the Earth’s temperature. Using a soil thermometer (found at your local garden supply store), walk around the yard and take the temperature. Your kids will love comparing the temperature of the ground to that of the air, and seeing if the temperature is consistent throughout the yard.
  • Go snowshoeing. Don’t have snowshoes? That’s half the fun—make your own from cardboard, shoe boxes or tree branches. Strap them to your shoes with string or rubber bands and trek around the yard.
  • Check out your favorite spots. Visit your favorite places—downtown, the playground, the city park—to see how different they look covered in snow.

Have a happy and safe winter, everyone!

What kind of outdoor activities do you and your family enjoy? Share them with us by leaving a comment below this post!

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