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Americans and Their Cell Phones

Did you know that 83% of Americans own a cell phone? Actually, a survey conducted last fall found that, in the US, there are more cell phones than people! We all know that cell phones play a big role in our lives, but sometimes the actually statistics can still shock us. Check out these facts that PEW Internet discovered:cell phone usage

  • Cell phones are an important tool in emergency situations – 40% of cell owners said they found themselves in an emergency situation in which having their phone with them helped.
  • Cell phones are useful for quick information retrieval (so much so that their absence can cause problems) – Half of all adult cell owners (51%) had used their phone at least once to get information they needed right away.
  • Cell phones can help prevent unwanted personal interactions – 13% of cell owners pretended to be using their phone in order to avoid interacting with the people around them.

Another study done by the National Sleep Foundation, shows that more than 40% or Americans don’t get adequate sleep at night. The likely cause? Your phone:

“‘Americans are getting a lot of light exposure through electronics and technology during that last hour before sleep… And it decreases the brain’s natural production of melatonin,’ she said. Melatonin is the body’s sleep-promoting hormone. Barker explains, when phones constantly ring and beep throughout the night, it causes sleep fragmentation and disruption.”

So basically, the majority of us are pretty much obsessed with our phones. Which is why we created a product like the Mobius—to protect your investment, and keep it charged for your enjoyment. However, by looking at these stats, sometimes we should probably take a moment to unplug and de-stress. It’s okay to turn your phone off occaisonally. No, really, it is.

Do you have any tips for reducing your phone usage?

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