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Share Your Green Initiatives

Have you heard of the Go Green Initiative? If you haven’t, listen up!

The initiative’s mission is a great one: to provide schools, homes, businesses and organizations with the tools and training needed to create a “culture of conservation” within their community.

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By teaching children to be responsible caretakers of the planet, heightening community awareness of environmentally responsible behavior and creating national interest in establishing standards for responsible environmental practices, the Go Green Initiative is something that should remain on any Earth-lover’s radar.

If you’re interested in getting involved, start by registering on the Go Green Initiative Association’s website to become armed with the right tools and training. You can find the rest of the step-by-step criteria on their website.

Do you have a green initiative that is inventive and beneficial for the community? Share it with us! We love hearing what our fans are doing to help the environment.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Really glad you like what we offer, and would love to hear about ways your readers are going green!

    Love what you’re doing with your blog- keep up the great, green work! :)

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