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The Vince Lombardi of Super Bowl Playlists

“The Big Game” – that may or may not be “Super” – is quickly approaching. As we wait in anticipation for the east coast faceoff between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, we thought we’d provide you with a list of what we’ll be bumpin’ during our festivities this weekend.

music playlist for the superbowl

  • Pump Up The Jam, Technotronic. A Jock Jams classic. An American tradition. The greatest outfits that have graced the ‘tube? Yes to all of the above.
  • Welcome to the Jungle, Guns N’ Roses. Indianapolis is not a jungle per say, but the have you seen the crowds in Super Bowl Village? Sad Jaguars, Panthers and Bears, oh my!
  • Enter Sandman, Metallica. Although this song may scare your children, it pumps up burly men whilst on the field. Watch out, Tom Brady!
  • In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins. This song is on the list per suggestion of a Twitter fan. We think this slow jam could be the perfect “calm before the storm” song to what we be a truly great Super Bowl.
  • Won’t Back Down, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. No matter the score, it’s important to keep your eye on the prize. Down by fourteen touchdowns? Ouch. Well, keep on truckin’, says Tom Petty.
  • The Eye of The Tiger, Survivor. It’s the final stretch, the last hoo-rah, the big shebang! Who will be the winner of the greatest football game of the year? First to the top of the stairs wins!
  • The Final Countdown, Europe. Speaking of final…
  • Celebrate, Three Dog Night. To the victor goes the spoils – a great track… and the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Now that you have your ultimate sports playlist built, rock out to it on your Soulra XL! Play it in the sun while tailgating or take it inside to groove to your newly perfected playlist.

Who are you cheering for on Sunday? Duke it out, Patriots and Giants fans. Leave a comment and show some team support.

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