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Super Sunday: A Super Stocked Selection of Super Bowl Tailgating Tips

Just as athletes prepare all year in hopes of making the championship game,whether it’s football, basketball, soccer–you name it–tailgaters prepare to tailgate at that biggest game of the season. Over the years, we’ve written lots of posts, chock full of tailgating tips, tricks and safety reminders. Today, we’re bringing all those posts together so you can prepare for the NFL’s biggest day: Super Bowl Sunday.super bowl 46

Start with The Ultimate Football Tailgating Checklist, and make sure you have all the necessities to grill, drink and entertain like a champ. Once you’ve got that, cheer on your team, without hurting the environment, with Tips for Eco-Friendly Tailgating. This includes purchasing reusable dishes, a propane drill and solar-powered gadgets like the Mobius or Soulra XL.

This year’s Super Bowl is made up of major rivals, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots—so it’s important to remember the Do’s and Don’ts of Tailgating, especially when it comes to rivalries.  Remember that after all is said and done, it really is just a game, so be a good sport! A great example of this was the BCS championship game earlier this year, for which we provided a list of Tailgating Safety Tips, which apply to the Super Bowl as well.

As with any tailgate, don’t forget to bring the music with the Soulra XL—but you don’t have to take our word for it, the folks at Sports Illustrated agree.

So… are you ready for some football?

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