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Tweet This! 8 Home Safety Tips, in Tweet Form

Is your home safe? Many probably are—especially if you read our blog, where we share safety tips regularly. Now’s your chance to share these tips with your friends and family. Below we’ve crafted eight bits home safety information into perfectly-tweetable sentences. Tweet your favorite(s) now!

1. Change your furnace filter monthly. A clogged filter can cause the unit to overheat and can lead to premature damage. #etonsafety

2. Enclose your fireplace with a sturdy screen or glass doors to protect against sparks. #etonsafety

3. Daylight Saving Time is the perfect occaision to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. #etonsafety

4. Keep important phone numbers written down next to the phone. This includes police, doctors and family members. #etonsafety

5. 1 of 8 home fires are caused by space heaters. Keep them at least 3 feet away from any other objects. #etonsafety

6. Plan a fire escape route with your family. Practice once a month. #etonsafety

7. Save energy (and prevent burns) by setting your water heater below 120 degrees Farenheit. #etonsafety

8. Secure bookcases and shelves to the wall to avoid them tipping over on your children or pets. #etonsafety

Which will you tweet? Check us out on Twitter to see these and more home safety tips!

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