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8 Tweetable Facts about Mobile Usage

Using a mobile phone is part of your everyday life. From text messages to mp3s and mobile apps, there’s always something to do on your phone.

As the mobile industry continues to grow, there are tons of interesting facts and statistics to learn. Here we’ve compiled eightintriguing mobile facts, and made them just right for tweeting. Check out the mobile facts below, then click the “Tweet it” button to share it with your friends!

mobile stats

  • 2/3 of mobile phone users now purchase smartphones over “dumbphones.” [Tweet it]
  • Adults spend more media time on mobile than newspapers and magazines combined. [Tweet it]
  • In 2011, the US saw a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions. [Tweet it]
  • In 2011, 127.6 million mobile users in the US consumed mobile media. [Tweet it]
  • 79% of smartphone users use their phones to help with shopping. [Tweet it]
  • Smartphone adoption increased 99% among 6-person households in 2011. [Tweet it]
  • On average, it takes 90 minutes to respond to an email, but 90 seconds to respond to a text. [Tweet it]
  • 37.5% of mobile users have multiple mobile devices. [Tweet it]

As we round out the first quarter of 2012, we’re interested to see how these stats change. Mobile obviously isn’t going away, but just how much bigger can it get?

Which stat was most surprising to you?

Shout out to these guys and these guys for helping us round up these facts!

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