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How to Help South and Midwest Tornado Victims

Once again, our hearts are heavy as people across the South and Midwest regions have been devastated by tornadoes. Over the weekend, 42 tornadoes in 10 states destroyed homes and cities in the blink of an eye. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of these families.

As soon as we heard the news, we went into action here at Etón. We’ve donated emergency radios to help families have access to information, light and power. However, we know that you, the Etón community, like to lend a helping hand as well. In light of that, here are a few ways you can help victims of tornadoes in the South and Midwest

Ways you can donate money:

Ways you can donate time/resources:

  • Volunteer Branson: The tourist-centric city needs volunteers. Simply fill out a waiver and head to the Chamber of Commerce. For more info, and to get your waiver: http://www.volunteerbranson.org/
  • Fashion Delivers: With a board made up of professionals in the fashion community, Fashion Delivers is collecting clothing and home goods to deliver to families across the South and Midwest. To donate things like bedding, towels, personal care items, and clothing, contact Carolyn Pride, Carolyn@fashiondelivers.org or call 646-786-2684.
  • Pet Support: Local veterinary clinics in Indiana and Kentucky are seeking help to provide care to pets injured or displaced during the storms. To help our furry friends, call Lisa Rodemeier at 502-807-5887.

As in any disaster, we recognize the importance of reaching out to those in need. We pray for all the families to have a successful recovery.

Have you donated or volunteered? Where? Let us know if you have other options to add to this list!

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