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Earth Month and Earth Day: Here and Around the World

The grass is green, the sun is shining, and we’re celebrating Earth Month here at Etón! Earth Month lasts throughout the whole month of April, with April 22 being the official date of Earth Day.

Interested in Earth Day trivia? The history of Earth Day goes back to 1970, when Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin founded Earth Day. He, and approximately 20 million other Americans, protested environmental deterioration and spoke up about the growing freeways, excessive air pollution, and waste around the U.S. The holiday stuck, and now, the whole month of April is dedicated to making our planet a greener and healthier place.

Earth Day tips

Earth Day may have started in the United States, but nowadays, people from all around the world celebrate Earth Day. A few cool Earth Day festivities from other parts of the planet include:

  • In Singapore, Earth Day participants are heading to a landfill island to film the flora and fauna that live there. Hopefully the film will help to raise awareness about the effects of landfills and waste on our green earth.
  • In Japan, a two-day gathering in Yoyogi Park will give earth fans a place to celebrate the planet, art, and delicious food, all in honor of Earth Day. An estimated 100,000 people attend each year.
  • In Spain, a free eco-fair and market will be held in Barcelona for families and individuals who wish to show their green colors. The fair is called la fira per la Terra (Earth Fair) and lasts for two days.

Whether you’re celebrating Earth Month at a citywide celebration or you’re simply taking steps toward a greener planet at home, check out our basic recycling tips. Every month can be Earth Month if you’re reducing your waste, upcycling and recycling old items, and cutting back on your energy use.

And while you’re thinking of ways to be kinder to our planet, consider powering up your music with the Soulra XL solar-powered sound system.

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