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The New York Times, Mashable, and Wired recommend Rukus Solar

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to turn up the volume on our fun in the sun. An ideal way to make your backyard barbeque or beach blanket bash memorable is to provide a rockin’ soundtrack. What could be more appropriate for summer than a sound system powered by the sun’s rays? According to The New York Times, Mashable, and Wired, Etón’s newest Bluetooth sound system with solar panel, the Rukus Solar, will soak up the sun and keep your music playing all day long, with great sound and impressive features. Check out what they said.

The New York Times: Boombox Provides Fun in the Sun

The New York Times Gadgetwise blog recommends the Rukus Solar to amp up your party this summer.

The Rukus can provide hours of entertainment for your outdoor party; you just provide the food and drink.

Mashable: Power the Party Soundtrack with Sun

Mashable talks about the Rukus Solar’s features that let you rock and roll all night – without outlets or batteries.

“The Etón Rukus Solar (about $150 at Amazon) is extremely light, easy to use and — best of all — solar-powered.”

Wired: Trail Tech: 6 Ways to Stay Wired in the Wilderness

Wired lists six gadgets that help tech-savvy adventurers stay wired on the go, and one of them is the Rukus Solar.

“This Bluetooth-enabled boom box has a rugged, trail-worthy case and a 40-square-inch solar panel. Six hours of direct sun will deliver enough juice for six hours of campfire jams.”

The Rukus Solar is a unanimous choice to bring the tunes to wherever the party takes you. Sound good? Take a look at the Rukus Solar on Amazon. And for a limited time, you can enter to win your own Rukus Solar. From April 13-May 20, Etón is giving away a Rukus a day. Head to http://StartaRukus.com to enter the giveaway, and follow @EtonCorporation on Twitter for daily updates on who won.

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