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08 June 2012 ~ 2 Comments

3 Technological Advancements that Changed our Lives

Technology has made amazing advancements in the past few decades—some of us actually remember life before cell phones, laptops and wireless Internet. While we might remember those “simpler” times, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate the technological advancements that we have today.

Here are 3 of our favorite technological advancements that changed our lives (for the better!):

Solar Panels

Even though the idea of using the sun to power things dates back to the 1800s, solar panels as we know them today were invented by Russell Ohi in 1941. These panels capture the sun’s light and convert the photons into an electrical current. This allows us to literally use the sun as a source of power—which is exactly what we did on many of our radios!

An outdoor solar panel. Image credit:

Wireless Internet

We’ve come a long way from dial-up. Kids these days have no idea about all the purrs, grrs and wurrrs it took to connect to the Internet in the ’90s. Today, wireless Internet allows us to access the World Wide Web just about anywhere—making it easier to do just about everything.


Developed in the 1940s by military intelligence, Bluetooth technology allows devices to share information in a small radius. This makes it ideal for personal devices like hands-free speakerphones. We’ve utilized Bluetooth in our new Rukus sound system, allowing you to wirelessly stream your music.

Which of these is your favorite technology?

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