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Embrace Your Geekness Day: Honoring Famous Geeks

Geeks invent things. The Internet: invented by geeks. Cell phones: invented by geeks. Stereo systems: invented by geeks. Computers… you get the point. In honor of those geeks, July 13 has been dubbed “Embrace Your Geekness Day.” We encourage you to get your geek on today, but we also hope you’ll take a moment to honor some of the most famous geeks of our time.

Russel Ohi: Creator of modern-day solar panels

Solar panels allow us to capture the naturally-occurring light of the sun and convert it into energy. Solar energy can power everything from radios and outdoor lighting to homes and cars.

Steve Jobs: Inventor of the iPhone

Of course Steve Jobs invented much more than the iPhone, however, it’s one of our favorites. The iPhone can be seen in the hands of people young and old, all across the world. The powerful device allows us to be connected to everything, no matter where we go.

Mark Zuckerberg: Founder of Facebook

Image credit: www.topnews.in.

The ability to connect one-to-one with friends, family and businesses across the world has proven to be pretty popular with people. Thanks to geek Mark Zuckerberg for coming up with the idea for Facebook in that Harvard dorm room. (While we’re talking about it, why not check out our Facebook Timeline?)

Employees of German company Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft: Creators of mp3 file format

Without these German geeks, we wouldn’t have the ability to carry all of our music around on tiny watch- to wallet-sized devices. Mp3s also allow us to stream music via Bluetooth from our iPhones (or other smartphone) to wireless speaker systems.

While everyone’s definition of geek is probably a little different, we don’t think any of these people will mind being referred to as such. We thank you, geeks, for all that you do!

Who’s your favorite geek? We encourage you to embrace them today!

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