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06 July 2012 ~ 1 Comment

[CLOSED] Pin with Us: Living Preparedness Kit on Pinterest


Any Pinterest fans among us? What about anyone looking for safety tips, emergency gadgets, and other helpful preparedness advice?

We want you to join us on Pinterest. Our Living Preparedness Kit is our newest Pinterest board, and it’s a collaborative place where you can share your virtual preparedness advice with others.

Here’s how to be a contributor on our board.

  1. Follow the Living Preparedness board, and leave a comment on one of our pins that you’d like to guest-pin for us.
  2. In return, we’ll follow one of your boards and set you up as an approved contributor.
  3. Start pinning! When you see something that would be a perfect fit for the Living Preparedness Kit, select our board as you pin it.

We’re looking forward to seeing the pins that you share with us and helping each other think ahead when it comes to emergency situations. You have until Friday, August 3, 2012 to contribute to the board.

Follow Eton on Pinterest to see all of our pins relating to music, safety, outdoors, and a green lifestyle.

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