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6 Must-Have Items for Your Car Preparedness Kit

You have your spare tire and your jumper cables tucked away safely in your trunk, but are you prepared if inclement weather hits while you’re on the road? Whether it be extreme heat, tornado, or an unexpected snow storm, preparedness should not be overlooked. We have shared a variety of home safety statistics and tips with you, but we mustn’t forget the place where many people spend hours a day – the car.

Buckling your seatbelt is just one part of car safety. (Image credit: doityourself.com.)

Here are some of the more obscure (but completely necessary) car safety kit items that will play a big role in keeping you safe if weather strikes when you’re on four wheels.

Adequate clothing

Pack a few pieces of extra warm clothing during the colder months to store in your car. Don’t forget to keep a pair of tennis shows or hiking boots with you incase you’re forced to travel a significant distance in inclement weather. If you live or travel to an area that experiences extreme cold, you might even want to pack a survival blanket or survival poncho to protect against hypothermia.

Small shovel

A small, compact hand shovel can prove lifesaving if stranded in your car in inclement weather. The shovel can help you dig your way out of snow pile or even a ditch. Wind or snow related storms could cause the elements to pile up on your car in which case a shovel would be necessary.


Yes, sunglasses! Keeping a pair of sunglasses in your car should be a regular habit, not just a seasonal trend. Sunglasses do more than shield your eyes from direct sun in the summer, but also shield from UV rays made more intense by the glare off of snow or water. If you’re stranded and forced to travel outside of your car, sunglasses will make you more comfortable and protect against permanent eye damage.

Distilled water

The obvious use for distilled water is to keep your hydrated if you are stranded for a long period of time, However, distilled water can also be used to cool your engine if your car overheats during the hot summer months. A gallon of distilled water will go a long way and can easily be tucked away in your trunk.

Traction aids

This can be as simple keeping a bag of kitty litter stored in your trunk.  A substance such as sand or litter will provide much needed traction for spinning car tires. Scatter the traction aid behind your wheels, and move on your way!

Etón FRX2

Be prepared on-the-go with this compact multi-purpose solar, DC, or hand turbine-powered AM/FM/NOAA weather radio with USB smart phone charger. Spin the hand turbine for 60 seconds to get 10-15 minutes of weather updates, news and entertainment. To charge your smartphone, simply plug it into the USB port. This item combines multiple car safety essentials in one: flashlight, radio, and phone charger.

Do you have any additional items that you keep in your car in case of a weather emergency? Share with us below, or check out our new infographic on preparedness facts, just in time for National Preparedness Month!

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