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Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Go Green!

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recently revealed that certain cleaning products are associated with health and environmental risks, including damage to water bodies, increased pollution and poor air quality.

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Yes, in a strange turn of events, excessive cleaning of ones personal space can in fact harm the environment. Feeling guilty? Here are Eton’s eco-friendly suggestions to implement into your home cleaning routine.

Herbs: Herbs can be used to clean food and pet stains, plus boost your laundry detergent! You’ll be a clean, green stain fighting machine in no time. 

Grease: If the kitchen’s grease is proving to be too overwhelming, use a natural vegetable oil. Grease cuts grease and has proven to be a cure for that oily mess.

Vinegar: An old-fashioned vinegar soak will remove rust from the toughest spots. The best part? If you leave the item in your vinegar soak, rust will fade away sans scrubbing.

Acidic water: With the help of a water ionizer, your tap water can be turned into surface-cleaning and disinfecting acidic water. Stay away from drinking the water and instead clean household surfaces and products with none of the harmful effects of household chemicals.
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