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Tips to Help Protect Your Phone’s Data

Technology continues to make our lives easier to manage, allowing us to access just about anything from our smartphones – one can now pay bills, email, or even control a home security system with the touch of a button. However, this convenience can also be a problem if your phone is lost, stolen, or hacked. Here are some helpful tips to protect your data and all the information on your phone.

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1. Set a passcode. One of the simplest and easiest protection solutions for your phone is to set a passcode that will screen-lock your device. This can prevent people from simply picking up your phone and accessing all your information. If your phone is stolen, the password would have to be reset before anyone could use the device. You can also change the settings on your phone to clear all data if the passcode is entered incorrectly several times. Make sure to pick a code that is challenging (not 1-2-3-4!).

2. Back up your phone. If your phone is cleared or stolen and you do not have a back-up solution in place, you can potentially lose access to information stored on your device. Backing up your smartphone’s data to the cloud or a server set up by your cellphone provider can save you time tracking down potentially lost contact information, pictures or even files that are saved on your phone.

3. Read app permissions. Everyone loves downloading apps that help you do everything from playing games to keeping track of your bank balance. However, make sure you read the agreed app permissions when downloading an app can protect you and your phone. Some apps request permission to access a variety of different things on your phone, from your contact list, to pictures and much more. Reading the fine print on app permissions can help save you a potential future headache if your phone (or that app) were hacked.

4. Install a phone locator. Though this doesn’t directly protect your data, it does give you peace of mind about your information should your phone be lost or stolen. Since all smartphones have a GPS function, there are a ton of online websites and apps that can help your track the location of your phone. Ranging from free to paid, services like SeekDroid and Phone Halo for Android or Find My iPhone and GadgetTrak for iPhone can help you keep tabs on your device and hopefully prevent someone from stealing your data.

Smartphones play a key role in almost everyone’s lives, from teens to business owners, and are changing the way we work and live.  As their functionality grows, we are using these devices for more personal and professional activities – so make sure to keep you and your information protected!

What is your favorite phone-protecting app?

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