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Spreading the Word about Storm Safety Products

This week, many were forced to put their lives on hold while they took cover from a super-storm that blazed through the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern United States. The massive storm, known as Hurricane Sandy, tore through North America this week, seriously affecting at least 15 continental states.

Hurricane Sandy

This week, we made it our goal to raise awareness of products, such as our FRX3, that serve as an essential part of a storm preparedness kit. We are extremely grateful that our friends in the media helped up spread the word about our line of safety products. From informational articles on storm safety products to on-air giveaways of our FRX3 radio, we are thankful for the ability to inform the affected about valuable safety products such as these.

Helping to spread our shared message of safety preparedness this week, the media made sure to tell their readers and viewers how can prepare in the event of a natural disaster:

WDBJ-TV – In addition to providing FRX3 emergency radios to the local Roanoke, Virginia viewers in daily giveaways, Etón participated in an interview as part of a larger segment on Hurricane Sandy preparedness.

CanoeTech – With Hurricane Sandy moving up the coast, the popular technology blog posted about the Canadian Red Cross-branded Etón radios saying, “We never know when the power is going to go out so it’s a good idea to make sure that when the time comes we are ready.”

Practically Green – Recommending an emergency radio, they felt it was time to reevaluate their emergency preparedness strategy in light of Hurricane Sandy saying, “Etón American Red Cross Axis to the rescue! It may be small, but this multi-tasker is big on features to help you weather any storm.”

TUAW – Editor Mike Rose gives some great insight into preparing, recommending tech products, apps and more to cope with the storm. He goes on to suggest an emergency radio: “Its line that’s co-branded with the American Red Cross includes the Rover pocket-sized crank radio.”

Hurricane Sandy’s effects serve as a reminder to always keep storm preparedness in mind. Read our past posts on hurricane safety tips and even weather alert apps to download during a storm.


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