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Super Bowl 2013 Party Ideas and Tips

Are you ready for some football? The Super Bowl is coming up quickly, so it’s time to start getting ready for your party! Be ready for Super Bowl 2013 kickoff on February 3 with these party ideas and tips.

Have Fun

The first step to an awesome Super Bowl party is figuring out what food and drinks you’re going to serve. Easy-to-eat finger food served buffet-style is always a great choice, because your guests can pick out what they want and bring it back to their seats to enjoy.

Some traditional options are chips and dip, buffalo wings, pizza, and sub sandwiches. But make sure to include healthy choices as well, such as vegetables and fruit. Adding some healthy snacks to the spread is a nice alternative to the usual grease-fest that comprises Super Bowl snacks.

If you’re serving alcohol, mix up some fun football themed drinks to serve along with the traditional beer. Don’t forget to end with an easy dessert, like ice cream or brownies.

The next step is figuring out your party decorations. Use football-shaped balloons around the room, accented with balloons in your favorite team’s colors. If you’re feeling super crafty, make these DIY football bleachers to place your food on.

Think of some fun party games to play together. Paint the younger guests’ faces with water-based face paint, create a drinking game based on who’s scoring (don’t forget to have sodas available for non-drinkers), or make up your own touchdown dances. Have a football to toss around the room during commercials or for a quick pick-up game outside during halftime.

Tip: DVR the game so that you can easily rewind it and replay critical plays, funny commercials, or Beyoncé’s rocking halftime show.

Stay Safe                                                                          

Parties can sometimes lead to a little too much fun. If guests will be imbibing cocktails and beer during the game, have a sober driver or the number for a local cab service ready.

Before your guests arrive, make sure all of the electrical cords are safely tucked away or taped down so no one trips on them.

Also be aware of how many people are crowded into the kitchen if the oven is on or hot appliances are sitting out. When there’s something cooking, pull yourself away from the game and keep a close eye on it, whether it’s inside in the oven or outside on the grill. Keep track of any meat that’s being cooked from anywhere in the house with this meat temperature smartphone accessory.

Go Green

Save electricity and avoid having too many things plugged in during your party. Have one larger TV set up so that all of your guests can see the screen easily. Hosting a big Super Bowl party is not only fun, but also a great way to go green—instead of everyone watching the game on 4-5 separate TVs in their own home, you’re only using the electricity of one TV.

Pump up your Super Bowl party with a solar-powered sound system. And try this Super Bowl playlist to get your party going.

It’s tempting to use disposable plates, silverware, and cups that can easily be thrown away at the end of the party. The green trick is to use as many recyclable materials as possible, and have trash cans set up around the room for the rest of it. Ask your guests to throw plastic cups and silverware in the kitchen sink to be rinsed off and recycled later. Have football-themed recycling bins set up for glass bottles and aluminum cans.

With these tips, your Super Bowl party is sure to be fun, safe, and green! What are your plans for this year’s Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below! Super Bowl image via.

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