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3 Stress-Free Travel Tips

Arranging travel plans can be exciting—or daunting. Depending on the type of trip and how many people you’re corralling from rest stops back to the minivan, it can be stressful. To help you stay on top of your vacation planning (and to beat the inevitable anxiety), here are a few helpful tips:

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  • Losing your luggage is probably the most irritating and helpless situation to be in. For your next trip, buy a larger carry-on bag (that still fit airline regulations) and keep all of your most important things with you—your makeup bag, medications, extra clothes, shoes, camera and gadgets.
  • Whether it’s our tablet or phone, or for business or pleasure, it’s safe to say that our gadgets always accompany us on our travel adventures. Don’t be stuck without power and pack a portable charger like the BoostTurbine2000—it’s equipped with rechargeable internal lithium battery and a hand-turbine power generator to provide power even without a power source.
  • Have everything you need ready to go, ahead of time. That means boarding passes, airline confirmations, hotel reservations, car rental information or even tickets and reservations at restaurants and tourist attractions. Use a free app like Moxtra to keep it all organized in one place. With Moxtra, you can collect and organize any type of file or content (document, live URL, PDF, etc.) in a clean, easy-to-find format so you’re never scrambling.

Happy travels!


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