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Five fun ways to celebrate Earth Month

April is Earth Month and a great time to reflect on our impact on the environment – and to have a good time in the name of Mother Earth. Outside of the typical planet-friendly initiatives like planting trees, riding your bike to work and cutting down on electricity, there are a few out-of-the-box activities that can help you kick off a cleaner, greener April:

Party for the Planet
Each year over 100 zoos and aquariums host Party for the Planet, an event to raise awareness about conservation and green living. The largest Earth Day party in the United States, Party for the Planet allows visitors to interact with wildlife, in hopes of building awareness for the importance of nature and her creatures to our normally busy lives.

Host a spring clean and green your life event
Earth Month is a great time to evaluate what products we truly need in our daily lives; instead of tossing unwanted items in the garbage, donating and recycling them is a great way to help out Mother Earth and your fellow man. A few fun things you could do include:

• Host a book swap
• Repurpose old t-shirts into scarves, leg warmers or even quilts
• Gather and recycle used electronics, games and DVDs (via services like NextWorth)

Involving your friends, family and even your neighbors can create a great sense of community while doing your piece to help Mother Earth.

Adopt a stream, field or forest
We all have them –areas of our neighborhood that could use a bit of sprucing up. A great activity for families and the community as a whole, adopting one of those neglected areas – ensuring it stays clean and safe all year long – is a great way to do well for your home area and beautify your surroundings. It also offers a chance for your neighborhood to come together and get to know each other a little better – fostering a sense of community within a community.

Organize an Earth Month fair
Highlighting Earth-friendly products, art from recycled materials and locally grown foods, an Earth Day fair can bring to light the ways to reuse, reduce, recycle and conserve this Earth Month. Great for neighborhoods or schools to host, any proceeds can go to a local environmental group or charity.

Throw a “green” potluck dinner
Who doesn’t love a potluck dinner? Invite friends and family over to celebrate Earth Month with a dish of their choice, featuring local foods. For an extra fun twist (and challenge), ask everyone to bring a green food that is the color green!

Though we should be thinking about our impact on the planet year-round, Earth Month is a great time to get us reflecting on environmental issues – what are some other ways you intend to celebrate Earth Month this April?

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