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Help thy neighbor: Helping others in natural disasters

Watching  natural disasters unfold around us, both on the news and even right in our backyards, is devastating. What helps during the most trying times is the willingness of others to extend a hand and assist their fellow man.

Most recently, we were flooded with images of Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast, followed by photos of the outpouring of brotherly love people showed each other.

One of the most widely viewed images in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy were of complete strangers wiring extension cords outside their homes and businesses with signs offering electricity to those who needed it.

These people asked nothing in return but just wanted to offer what they had that others did not.

Some members of society depend completely on those around them during a natural disaster. This includes young children, the disabled, the elderly, and even our family members of the furry variety. It takes everyone doing their part to get people and even pets out of harms way.

As we’re always about helping others in time of need, here are some helpful tips to make sure you are prepared if inclement weather patterns are near:

Have you been helped during a natural disaster? Share your story with us in the comment section below.

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