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Tweet This! 10 Severe Weather Safety Tips, in Tweet Form

With tornado season in full swing and hurricane season on the horizon, safety tips are important to have on hand. We crafted ten bits of severe weather safety tips into perfectly-tweetable sentences so you can share with your friends and family. Tweet your favorite(s) now!

  1. In advance of severe weather, download weather apps used to locate shelters and provide first aid how-tos and tips. [tweet this]
  2. Stuck outside? Lightening strikes the tallest objects, so crouch with your feet together and your head near your knees. [tweet this]
  3. Add household bleach to your safety kit to sanitize drinking water. Add 16 drops per gallon to make water safe for drinking. [tweet this]
  4. Store high-energy food that requires no cooking or refrigeration in case you’re stuck at home for long periods of time without power. [tweet this]
  5. If threat of flood, disconnect electronics/appliances and turn off switches to water, gas and electricity to reduce possible damage. [tweet this]
  6. Car safety kit should have a shovel, distilled water, windshield scraper, blanket, first aid kit and self-powered phone charger. [tweet this]
  7. Know warning signs of a tornado: heavy rain followed by a sudden calm, a greenish-black hue in the sky, and fast-moving clouds. [tweet this]
  8. Tape the inside of the windowpanes with an “X” to give windows support and resist them from cracking during a hurricane. [tweet this]
  9. Keep an emergency radio, flashlight and hand crank combo in the home to receive information, power and light when needed most. [tweet this]
  10. Have an emergency plan in place: shelter, evacuation and contacting family or neighbors. Don’t forget about the pets! [tweet this]



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