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Memorial Day Travel: Summer Car Preparedness

If you’re hitting the road this Memorial Day, you may be dreading your time in the car. Between the long ride, stiffness, boredom, and time spent with irritable family members, traveling over holiday weekends can sometimes be tedious. Regardless of the duration of your trip, there are plenty of ways to make the ride more enjoyable. Here are some items we suggest bringing along for the fun Memorial Day ahead:

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  • Capture the Funny Moments. Every car trip has its own memories. Whether it’s a Nikon or a simple, disposable camera, make sure you have your camera on hand to capture them!
  • Don’t Go Hungry. Keep everyone full and content with a variety of snacks for the trip. Keep it healthy and convenient by bringing granola and protein bars, bananas, apple slices, pretzels, and baby carrots. Also, come prepared with enough bottled water incase you were to get stranded or simply need something to wet your whistle.
  • Peace and Quiet. For longer car rides, naps can be a must. To drown out unwanted noise, bring along the best pair of earplugs for traveling and get the most rest and relaxation that a car ride can provide.
  • Stay Entertained. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the kids entertained during car travel. Bring a portable DVD player along for the ride so the kids can watch their favorite movies for hours on end.
  • Jammin’ Out. Don’t want to worry about buying and dealing with electricity power inverters for your electronics and essentials this Memorial Day? You can run the rukus Solar completely on solar power. Enjoy on-the-go music through this wireless system just through the use of the sun. The rukus Solar allows you to listen to your road-worthy playlist by syncing to any Bluetooth enabled smartphone. Whether the kids are watching movies while the parents relax, or the whole family is enjoying their favorite songs together, not having cords draped across laps leaves a safer car environment for all.
Where are you heading this Memorial Day? No matter where you end up, have fun and be safe!


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