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An Eco-Friendly Entertainment Center: Little Things Make a Big Difference

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It’s time to go green. We know what you’re thinking. “What multi-thousand dollar guilt trip is next? An EV car? Solar panels?” Both of those technologies promote environmental health, but we’re thinking bigger. And by bigger we mean smaller. How about an eco-friendly entertainment center?

A few years ago, the book “The Tipping Point” revolutionized the way we think about change. In general, people believe huge successes to be the product of massive breakthroughs and major developments. In reality, as “The Tipping Point” demonstrated, it’s really more about the small things. A restaurant isn’t great because they have the best steak in the world, they’re great because they have a consistently good menu, they make sure to put napkins and ketchup in the bag without your having to ask, and the servers learn the names of all the regular customers.

It’s the little things that count, that build up to a greater whole. This is true in business, and it’s true when it comes to taking care of the environment.

No matter how fast you can dig a hole, you’re not going to plant a forest in a weekend. It may be wiser, more effective, and more realistic to take the time to make a habit of caring for the environment. This means walking instead of driving to the corner store, turning the lights off whenever you leave a room, and making sure to recycle. There are a lot of areas where you can sneak in green living in bits and pieces.

When it comes to building your entertainment center, it starts with the materials. You could go ahead and use oak or walnut to build it, but why not use recycled wood? Or try kirei, a great, sturdy, eco-friendly material made from the stalks of sorghum plants, which replenish more rapidly than typical lumber. Although oak wood furniture may look nice, you can watch all of your favorite Direct TV shows on a television set sitting atop a milk crate if need be, and kirei has an aesthetic charm of its own.

An eco-friendly television set can make a major difference on the environment and on your wallet. Check out the Philips Econova LED TV, an energy-efficient television set with a solar powered remote control ensuring that even the clicker is better for the environment than the nearest competitor’s.

Of course, the only way to get the most out of the Econova is to keep it near natural light so that you don’t need quite as much energy to light it up. Look for an area in the living room or bedroom where you can expose your remote to a window for afternoon entertainment.

Building your own entertainment center isn’t the only way to do it the eco-friendly way, of course. By buying a used entertainment center you can get exactly what you’re after without anyone having to chop down a single tree to get it to you.

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