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7 Tips for Back to School Preparedness

Whether you dread or welcome back to school time, it is important to be prepared mind, body, and spirit to take on a new school year. We’re sourcing some of our past blogs to create a list of smart preparedness measures to take before back to school takes over:

Tip #1: Prepare your home for anything and gain ultimate peace of mind. Read up on how to prepare your home for a natural disaster so you needn’t worry while in the classroom.

Tip #2: Equip yourself and your mobile device. Download the American Red Cross’ mobile apps to have handy in case of emergency.

Tip #3: Get CRP certified because you never know when you’ll be able to save a life.

Tip #4: Check out our list of eco-friendly school supplies.

Tip #5: Parents, consider whether or not your back-to-school child is old enough for a cell phone and whether it would help simplify your life.

Tip #6: College freshman, read up on simple ways to go green (and save money) in your dorm room.

Tip #7: And finally, for educators, check out our list of 7 free mobile apps for teachers.

How are you preparing for back to school? Please share in the comments below! 


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