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Back to School: Best Study Apps

It’s that time of year again. Tuition is due, organizations are “calling all members,” and websites are being browsed for the cheapest textbooks. College students everywhere are focusing on getting back into the school groove. Wait, what’s that you say, “Studying is a hassle”? Well, fear not! Download the best study apps that you can use before your next big test.

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  • Evernote. Most of us dread taking notes, even though we know it’s essential for studying. Evernote makes taking notes easier as it syncs all of your devices and stores notes in the cloud. Miss a class? Just have a friend take a picture of their notes and you can import it into your Evernote. 
  • StudyBlue. Do you find yourself using flashcards to study? With the StudyBlue app you no longer have to carry multiple flashcards around with you and instead have them all on your phone. StudyBlue lets you create flashcards, while also quizzing you and tracking your progress.
  • iStudiezPro. Staying organized during the school year can sometimes be a daunting task. iStudiezPro makes things easier. A calendar, planner, and homework tracker all in one, this app lets you input your entire class schedule, and then keeps track of everything for you.
  • Notability. For the Swiss army knife of note-taking apps, try Notabilty. This app provides full-featured note-taking capabilities for handwritten or typed entries, along with PDF annotation. The app can even record lectures and sync them to your written notes… but that doesn’t give you an excuse not to listen!
  • Kno Textbooks. Remember how heavy your backpack felt when it was filled to capacity and busting at the seams with a plethora of relentlessly heavy textbooks? We’re in the digital age now. Download Kno Textbooks to have virtual access to over 200,000 titles, which are enhanced with digital features to help make studying more engaging.
  • Dropbox. Having Dropbox is like having your own cloud hard drive—and one that you can even share with fellow students. Dropbox allows you to quickly import and export all kinds of files—from notes, to photos, to full-blown presentations—to and from all your electronic devices. Forming study groups, sharing notes, and creating study guides is a breeze.

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What are some of your favorite study apps to get you through the school year? Tell us in the comments section!

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