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Celebrate Labor Day Weekend on a Budget

Labor Day, first celebrated in 1887, recognizes and rewards all the hardworking Americans who make US prosperity, strength, and wellbeing happen year-round with a day off. We all deserve to celebrate and enjoy Labor Day—without blowing too much of our hard-earned money doing so. A few tips for celebrating Labor Day weekend on budget follow:

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend on a Budget, Labor Day

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  •  Vacation: If you’re thinking of taking a last-minute trip, check out the popular travel sites now for last-minute Labor Day deals offered by both airlines and hotels. If you’re thinking of traveling by car, consider camping instead of spending money on a hotel. Check out our tips for camping on a budget to stretch your savings ever farther.
  • Staycation: Make the most of your staycation and make it a family affair. See our blog on ideas for a family staycation, including backyard camping, picnics, and local adventure. We also recommend downloading mobile apps to discover local event. You might be surprised by the events going on in your area!
  • Treat yourself: Many online and traditional retailers offer Labor Day deals. Keep a keen eye out for these as sometimes you have to spend a little to save a lot!
  • Party: Throw a Labor Day party for friends and family. Check out our eco-friendly, DIY Labor Day ideas for recycling household goods into fun party favors and activities.
  • Get prepared: At Etón, we’re always advocating preparedness for anything and everything from a natural disaster to a personal emergency. Spend some of your time off getting prepared and check out our 10 recommendations for emergency preparedness on a budget. We know it doesn’t sound like the most fun Labor Day celebration, but the resulting peace of mind will be well worth the effort.

How do you plan to celebrate this Labor Day weekend? Feel free to share in the comments below! 


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