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Last Minute Summer Trip Ideas for the Family

Even though it’s called summer vacation, this season can become as busy as the rest of the year. Before it’s over, take a little time off and plan a spontaneous trip with family to savor summer’s last days. We have put together a few ideas for last minute summer trips with family:

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The Great Outdoors

Beaches, mountains, farmland—anything is possible! Travel to the nearest campsite, mountain, or beach that interests your family and also enjoy its local culture. Local festivals, sports events, or scenery tours can be good breaks from the regular mountain or beach life and gives a variety of activities your family can choose from. 

City Life

Tired of the sleepy life of your hometown? Pick a city your family is itching to go to and pack both walking and fancy shoes for the city’s daytime activities and nightlife fun. Learn and explore together in the concrete jungle and attend a concert, theatrical play, go to a baseball game, and enjoy a locally run restaurant.

Follow Your Passions

If you have sport enthusiasts in your home, you know the emotional connection they have to the team. Scope out the nearest museum you can attend dedicated to all things sports such as the Basketball Hall of Fame in New York. Museums are everywhere and can be fun for your family whether they’re interested in sports, music, history, science, or art!


Helping others instills responsibility in your children and brings your family closer together. You can even give your children the honor of picking which organization they want to help whether it’s health, animal care, or natural disaster relief related. VolunteerMatch makes finding volunteer opportunities near you easy! 

Just Drive!

Have you ever explored your own state or your own city for that matter? Sometimes life gets too busy for us to truly enjoy the action around us. Take your family to sites around your state you wouldn’t necessarily have time for on a weekend, find the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and book a room at a log cabin, water park, or fancy hotel for the full “getaway” effect.

Just like any vacation, these last-minute trips should be remembered for years to come. Keep your phone charged with our BoostTurbine manual smartphone charger to capture, share, and relive those memories!

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