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Baby Safety Month: Overlooked Dangers for Babies

Baby Safety Month: Overlooked Dangers for Babies

We like to think that our child or baby is always safe. In fact, as parents, we probably go out of our way to keep them out of harm’s way. But the simple fact is: sometimes there are dangers that we just can’t foresee. With September recognized as Baby Safety Month, there’s never been a better time to pay attention to what’s important for your baby’s safety. To keep you on your toes and your baby safe, we’ve compiled a list of dangers that are commonly overlooked.

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  • Hidden hearing loss- It’s important to take your baby in for a hearing test right after birth and at 3 months old. If not noticed right away, hearing loss can cause social, communicatory, and developmental issues.
  • Pesky purses- Have you ever thought about what’s in your purse? Medications, small mints, gum, ink pens, a sharp nail file, coins, eye-drops, even make-up? Chances are there’s something in your purse that the average baby can choke on, ingest, or harm himself or herself with. Guess how hard it is for a baby to figure out how your purse latch works? Not very. Be sure to hang purses and backpacks out of reach from your baby’s curious hands.
  • Risky remote controls- We use remotes all the time, so they generally seem unthreatening. However, babies can easily get these open and get the batteries out. Batteries are toxic and can pose a choking hazard, so be sure to keep remotes out of reach and in closed entertainment center drawers.
  • Egregious exercise equipment- Jump ropes can be wrapped around necks, heavy weights can fall, moving parts can move. Exercise equipment can be a huge hazard for babies. Make sure to put large equipment in a shut room and small equipment up and out of reach.
  • Ghastly garbage cans- Garbage cans by themselves aren’t that threatening, but add in some nasty, icky stuff and they can easily become a baby choking hazard. By moving your trashcan into a closet or cabinet, you can keep it out of sight and out of mind for your tiny tyke.
  • Terrible toys- If you have an older child, chances are that you have more than a few toys lying around. And we all know that small children aren’t the best housekeepers, nor do they have the safest toys for a baby. Make sure other toys are always picked up and out of reach, especially toys with magnets that pose a bigger threat if swallowed.

Now that you’ve armed yourself with this valuable knowledge, you too can hoot the preparedness horn and inform others. You never know when sticky situations might arise, so it’s important to keep yourself prepared for any kind of situation with preparedness tips and products from Eton!

What other sort of dangers are often overlooked for babies? Let us know in the comments section! 

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