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Must-Have Halloween Mobile Apps

Are you as excited for Halloween as we are? Candy is stocked, decorations are up, costumes are planned and purchased, and we’re ready for some spooky Halloween fright and fun. What’s missing?

Like anything, there’s an app for that! Yes, for Halloween! Many, in fact, and they’re designed to keep you and your loved ones happy, safe, and entertained this Halloween.

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  • Find My Friends is a free iPhone app that can track children or friends in real time through their iPhone. You just need their permission—an added security measure—and you can watch over them as they collect their Halloween bounty.
  • Mask Jumble Halloween is a 99-cent app available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that allows children—or adults—to dress up without having to go buy the costume. Simply use the photo as a mirror and try different costumes out, from witch to Frankenstein.
  • Spider Prank lets you set a timer for a spider attack on your screen. You then hand your iPhone off to a friend—perhaps to check out a new game or to read a text—when suddenly: spiders!
  • It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is an app for children. Virtually dress up in costume and hang out with Linus and Sally as they wait for the Great Pumpkin. Narrated by Peter Robbins, this game is true to the Charlie Brown you remember.
  • Ghost Hunter will help you find haunted hot spots in your local area. The app also features a message board, so you can share your spooky account or review of each haunted location.

For more Halloween fun, check out our list of the world’s scariest haunted houses and our trick-or-treating safety tips, including the benefits of carrying an Etón FRX2 emergency radio, which functions both as a flashlight and mobile phone charger so your apps keep running all Halloween night!

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