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The Best Fall Flowers

best flowers for the fall

Salvia leucantha
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Leaves may be falling in honor of autumn, but that’s no reason to have a drab yard or garden. Sport these no-fuss, long-lived perennial plants that are sure to beautify any home year after year.

  • Russian sage. It’s fun to have some contrast to all the warm autumnal shades. Russian sage does the trick with its airy blue flowers and silvery foliage, says Better Homes & Garden
  • Salvia leucantha. Masses of velvety purple flower spikes cover gray-green shrubs from late summer into spring in mild-winter climates (bloom stops with frost in colder regions).
  • Gazanias. Little sisters of the sunflowers, gazanias are fall bloomers. They make fantastic cut flowers and they come in an array of colors that look stellar in the garden.
  • Helenium. A favorite of the staff at Better Homes & Garden, Helenium is a rough and tumble plant that is also easy-to-grow. If you’re looking for a cheery plant with hues of orange, yellow and red, this is the flower for you.
  • Forget-Me-Not. Must-haves for lightly shaded woodland gardens, these much-loved plants bear tiny but exquisite blue flowers in the fall and springtime.
  • Monkshood. For a pop of color in the fall, try your hand at planting some Monkshoods. The blue blooms shimmer against all the other fall flowers.

Set on planting some fine foliage this fall? Before you head to the garden, be sure to have this list handy!

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