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Aviation History Month: Best Travel Apps for Frequent Fliers

Ever since its inception in the early 1900s, flying has been essential in helping travelers get where they need to be. But along with the convenience of flying, there is also the hassle that comes with booking a flight, dealing with flight delays, and even keeping up with the latest TSA requirements. To assist you on your next air adventure, and to celebrate Aviation History Month, we’ve found some must-have apps. Let’s appreciate those high-flying aviation innovators by downloading these handy travel mobile apps for all the frequent fliers out there!

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  1. GateGuru can help you make the most out of your airport time on the day of your flight. Not only can you check important flight information, like real-time flight status and airport security wait times, but you can also easily navigate airport amenities.
  2. CloudAhoy is a seriously cool aviation app that uses an iPhone or iPad internal GPS receiver to record and track your flights. It can then retrieve the captured data for review right from the convenience of your home computer.
  3. Skyscanner is a handy flight search app that has a large database. The app allows travelers to search over 600 airlines, while checking split ticket options involving multiple airlines to get you the cheapest fare. Enjoy the convenience of saving money on your next trip.
  4. AeroWeather Pro is a simple but accurate weather tracking app. You can easily load multiple stations to get an idea of the weather picture for your flight route with its easy-to-read format.
  5. NextFlight is a great app to have during those times when you miss a flight or want to check if a more convenient flight time is available. You can easily enter your flight itinerary to see more available flights.
  6.  TripIt is the perfect app for frequent fliers. Instead of printing out 20 different confirmation emails, simply forward your necessary itinerary information to plans@tripit.com. All of your reservations and meetings will be organized by date and time.
  7. My TSA is a helpful tool for keeping up with all the new regulations and changing rules that go along with air travel. Once you choose your airport you’ll be able to see flight delays and security checkpoint wait times, as well as helpful traveler’s guides.

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What are some of your favorite flying apps? Let us know in the comments section. 

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