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Holiday travel tip: Master the open road

Hitting the road during the holiday season? While DisneyWorld or the ski resorts may be your first thought as a holiday travel destination, why not make your trip a out of town a full-length trip for the entire family? When heading out for the holiday long weekend or winter break, consider your route whilst planning! Here are the best open roads for a scenic route during the holiday travel season:

  • Highway 1. This highway is famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA. In addition to providing a scenic route to numerous attractions along the West Coast, the route also serves as a major thoroughfare in the Greater Los Angeles area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and several other coastal urban areas.

US drives along the coasts

  • Seven Mile Bridge. Among the longest bridges in existence when it was built, it is one of the many bridges on US 1 in the Florida Keys, where the road is called the Overseas Highway.  

  • Denali Highway. Lightly traveled, mostly gravel, but extremely beautiful highway in Alaska.

  • Route 66. Get your kicks. The highway, which has become one of the most famous roads in America, originally ran from Chicago, Illinois through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before ending in Santa Monica, California, covering a total of 2,448 miles.

  • San Juan Skyway. The San Juan Skyway is one of an All-American Road and a component in the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway System. It forms a 233.0-mile loop in the southwest part of the U.S. state of Colorado traversing the heart of the San Juan Mountains.

bests routes in america

  • Going-to-the-Sun-Road. The only road that crosses Glacier National Park in Montana, USA, going over the Continental Divide at Logan Pass.


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