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New Tech Gear to Look Out for on Black Friday

By this point, we’ve got Black Friday pegged (we hope). We know where to shop, how much to spend, and who take with us on our all-night shopping binge.  But what about all the awesome new tech gear with feature-worthy deals? Well now you can have those pegged as well. Take a look at some of the new tech gear to watch out for this Black Friday. 

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  1. Playstation 4: With the recent release of Sony’s new PS4, there’s never been a better time to buy than on Black Friday. You can walk out of the store with a newly upgraded multi-purpose gaming system that the whole family can enjoy—for less.
  2.  iPad Air: With advanced wireless capabilities from Apple’s new iPad Air, you can easily connect and do all the things you need to do that much faster. And the Black Friday deals for this puppy are that much better.
  3. SMART HD TV: Samsung’s new HD TVs are all the rage this Black Friday. Not only are the deals hot, but you can also go home with a multi-purpose entertainment device. The picture quality can’t get much better than this, and you can conveniently search live movies and shows and stream services.
  4. Canon PIXMA Printer: If you want a wireless, all-in-one printer, then look no further. Canon’s new printer boasts affordability with fax, scan, print, copy, photo print, and AirPrint Integration capabilities for printing from iOS devices, cloud services, and mobile devices. And with Black Friday deals, it’s practically a steal.
  5. iPhone 5C: Surprise, surprise. The iPhone 5C actually tops the list as one of the most wanted Black Friday items—and it’s no wonder why. 2013 was a great year for Apple, and the iPhone 5C is just as sleek, updated, and efficient as all of Apple’s other products. However this colorful delight is also featured for day-after-Thanksgiving deals.
  6. Xbox One: Along with the new PS4, this gaming console is also multi-purpose and innovative. The Xbox one boasts new games, better graphics, and user functionality. Check out the ads to find the best deals.
  7. Battlefield 4: With the new competing consoles, it’s no surprise that there are a few new games out there to go with them. Better graphics, cooler missions, more fun—Battlefield 4 has already got people talking. And GameStop’s ads for this Friday have them talking even more.

Amidst all the Black Friday chaos and confusion, there are still deals to be made, and cool tech gear to be walked away with.  And if entertainment, mobility, or preparedness products are more your thing, we have a one stop shop for all your needs. Browse online at EtonCorp.Com and see what other cool gear has people talking. Happy shopping!

What other cool tech gear will you be looking out for this Black Friday? Leave us a note in the comments section.

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