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5 Items You’d Want to Have During a Blizzard

Winter weather has arrived which means colder temperatures, lots of snow—and of course the occasional blizzard. Don’t get caught off guard when winter decides to grace us with her presence. Arm yourself before inclement weather strikes with these 5 items you’d want to have during a blizzard. Winter survival at its finest.

 Winter Preparedness, Blizzard Preparedness

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  1. Hand Crank Radio: When the power goes out we automatically think all is lost. But finding a way to get the news during inclement weather is essential. With a hand crank radio from Eton Corp, you can stay connected to traditional news via the radio, and can keep up with your friends and family with a mobile phone charger and a USB unit. And when the power is out and it’s too dark to see, this modern hand-crank unit can also act as a flashlight. Multipurpose convenience.
  2. Emergency and First Aid Kit: Take it from us, a backup kit is never a bad idea. Simply assemble a bag full of items that are essential for survival during a winter weather disaster—and voila—you have a readily made emergency and first aid kit. Make sure to throw in some extra water, food, lighters, and warm blankets along with medical and first aid supplies. You can never be too prepared.
  3. Weatherproofing: Weather Seal Tape: It’s quite possible that the window repair man might be preoccupied dealing with his own winter weather ravaged home. Cold temperature-safe weather seal clear tape is handy to have around in case of cracked windows, excess snow, or flying debris. You can also use it as a quick, temporary fix to seal air leaks when you feel drafts. Help keep the cold weather out.
  4. Backup Heat Source: If your power goes out you’ll most likely be left without heat. Stay warm and prepared with backup heat sources like kerosene heaters, fuel supply, or a portable generator. Just make sure you have extra gasoline on hand so your generator can provide you with power.
  5. Salt Spreader and Shovel: Chances are you’ll have to venture outside at some point after the blizzard has passed. Clear off walkways, driveways, and places where excess snow is piled up where it shouldn’t with a salt spreader and shovel combination. A portable salt spreader will allow you to keep your driveways and walkways free of ice, and the shovel will clear out the layers of snow that have accumulated.

With these simple essentials, you will have winter weather emergency preparedness conquered.  And with handy preparedness products from Eton Corp you’ll be even more prepared for everything that comes your way. Bring on the winter!

What are some other blizzard essentials? Drop is a line in the comments section. 

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