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7 Ways to Reduce Stress this Holiday Season

A holiday, by definition, is “a day of festivity in which no work is done.” Ironically, however, the holidays become filled with the work of hosting dinners, attending parties, buying and wrapping gifts, and working out travel plans. Because of the added responsibilities, the holidays may become more stressful than any other time of the year. Here are a few tips to keep you nice and relaxed this season:

Reducing Stress, Holiday Stress
  • Cut out the things that don’t matter: It’s easy to get caught up in the trivial things of the season like decorating and wrapping. Before you get too stressed about the little things, think about what really matters to you this Christmas. Prioritize and don’t make what’s unimportant important.
  • Set aside time to relax: Make time to unwind. Skip cooking dinner one night and order in to give yourself a little more time to watch your favorite movie, read a book, or play with the kids.
  • Just say no: You don’t need to attend every party or volunteer at every charity event. Pick a few that are most important to you and politely refuse the rest. If you don’t spread yourself too thin, you’ll have more energy for the events that matter the most. 
  • Get it done early: During the holidays, tasks add up. Fast. Start planning, shopping and cooking early. You’ll feel less pressure later if you get most of the work out of the way early.
  • Get your 8 hours: The holidays are a time to relax, reevaluate, and recharge for the New Year. Get your precious eight hours of sleep while you can. It will help you recharge and have the energy to truly enjoy the festivities.
  • Exercise: Not only is exercise a great stress-reliever; it will also prevent post holiday guilt after eating high-calorie holiday food for three weeks straight. And of course, you’ll feel more energized and healthy after a good workout.
  • Keep the celebration going: You may feel a little down when the fun-filled festivities come to an end. Plan something fun for after New Year’s—a weekend trip with the girls, a fancy date with your significant other, whatever. It will give you a little pick-me-up after the holidays are over (or a way to treat yourself after all your hard work).

The holidays are meant to be a time of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. Don’t just survive the holidays—enjoy them by following these simple tips!


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