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6 Mobile Apps to Help Earn Rewards and Cash

Arthur McGee is a technology writer who covers the latest trends in mobile applications and reviews new gadgets and apps.

Smartphones and cellular service plans don’t come cheap, but they’re a near-necessity in today’s world. Instead of taking out a second mortgage to help fund your monthly cellphone bill, why not put that smartphone to work? Enterprising app developers have discovered ways to put money back into the hands of smartphone users by designing cash and reward generating apps. Download these six apps if you’re ready to offset the cost of your new Apple or Android device.

  • Gigwalk. Looking for a way to make a little extra cash, but don’t want to visit your local temp agency? That’s where Gigwalk comes in. Gigwalk sets you up with “gigs” in your area that you can complete throughout the course of your day. Gigs include everything from taking pictures of a property for an insurance company, to snapping pictures of a car for a car-sharing service that needs to verify the car’s condition. The list of jobs is varied, and most don’t require much time. Payment ranges from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on the job and terms of the agreement.
  • DailyFeats. If you’d like to set goals and be rewarded for achieving them, the DailyFeats app is the app for you. Simply set up a “feat” you want to conquer, whether it’s to lose weight or start exercising more, then use the app to track your progress. Each time you tackle a feat, you receive rewards. These rewards are good for gift cards or discounts at local merchants. To top it off, you can even donate your points to non-profit organizations partnered with DailyFeats.
  • Viggle. For all you TV buffs out there, it’s time to Viggle. Earn rewards redeemable for gift cards by watching TV shows on your mobile device and “checking in” to the show through Viggle. The app offers additional points for answering trivia questions, playing fantasy sports, and predicting show results during events like the Oscars. The more you use the app, the more rewards you earn.
  • Field Agent. Do you go to the drugstore a lot? If you do, why not get paid? This is just one example of how you can earn money while using the Field Agent app. Field Agent offers iPhone users the chance to complete projects in exchange for cash, such as visiting a drugstore and snapping a photo of an item and its display price. Offers vary, but the pay typically ranges from $3 to $12 per job.
  • shopkick. Shopaholics, it’s time to rejoice. By using shopkick while shopping, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards, such as a complimentary latte or cappuccino. Points accumulate for doing nothing more than entering designated outlets, while additional points are earned when purchases are made.
  • Scoopshot. If you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, or you know how to snap a great photo, consider the Scoopshot app. While most paid opportunities are for newsworthy photos, such as images from a natural disaster or a major sporting event, any photo you take with the Scoopshot app becomes available for purchase by news organizations, businesses, and individuals. You set the price for your own images, and each time your image is downloaded, you receive the pre-set fee. While you’re welcome to post your own photos, you’re most likely to maximize earnings by fulfilling tasks provided by Scoopshot, such as snapping a pic at a local high school football game. If you take a particularly time-sensitive or compelling photo of a newsworthy event, your revenues could really rack up. Just be sure to use a smartphone with a high-quality camera, such as the iPhone 5S, to best take advantage of this app.

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