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Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

Tis the season for decorating—and being eco-friendly. To get in tune with the green theme and vamp up your home this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of some eco-friendly Christmas decorations for your perusal. Be more eco-friendly this holiday season with some of these festive ideas.

Natural Selection

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Spruce up your home this holiday season by bringing the outdoors in. Use earthy, eco-friendly materials in unexpected ways. It doesn’t get much simpler than finding some spruce or evergreen branches in the backyard and placing them on mantles, wrapping them around banisters, or hanging them over doorways.

Seasonal Pillow Covers

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Washable burlap sewn into covers and stamped with paint-covered wooden messages will send the right holiday message to all your guests. Cheerful Love and Joy pillows can be a great addition to your living room.

Owl Ornament

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What a hoot! You can easily whip up this whimsical winged creature. Just grab some burlap, felt, and twine and go to town. It’s sure to be the ornament favorite on your tree this year.

Felt Stockings

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Maybe you have some extra felt lying around left over from your owl ornaments. Put it to good use and create festive felt stockings for the whole family. After creating, decorating, and hanging your stockings, don’t be afraid to stuff them to the brim.

Table Runners

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Lay wide burlap strips across the table and let them hang about 6 inches over the sides. Pull out 6 strands of burlap about 2 inches from each edge, then thread 1/4- inch satin ribbon through every 3/4 inch. Hot glue a pinecone and a sprig from a tree outside to the ends of your ribbon, and voila—a table runner of the holiday variety.

Window Décor

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Create the perfect holiday window décor by cutting freehand stars out of cardboard. Poke cloves through the cardboard in random patterns, and then glue red or white yarn around the edges. Use hot glue to attach pipe cleaners to the back, form them into hooks, and hang your contraption from a birch bough right from your backyard. Finally, let it rest it on the window frame for all to see and enjoy.

Combining the perfect mix of eco-friendly and festive in your holiday décor can be both simple and fun. Take up the eco-conscious challenge and get the whole family involved in fun holiday decorations. And with green tips from Eton Corp your life can be that much closer to being all around eco-conscious.

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly holiday decorations? Let us know in the comments section.

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