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Holiday Gift Guide Coverage: Network World

Network World’s Gift Guide 2013: Outdoor and travel gear

via Network World’s Keith Shaw, “I’ve tested a bunch of products from Eton in previous years – the company makes a great variety of products geared toward outdoor use – such as speakers, radios and other such gear that help power up your mobile gadgets when you’re out and about.

Such is the case with the BoostTurbine 4000, a handy product that can help power up your mobile phone at the worst possible moment – when you’re out of juice and you are nowhere near a power outlet. The hand crank helps give you enough power to get a phone call or text sent if you’re totally out of power (Eton says that about a minute of hand-cranking will get you four minutes of talk time). You may never need to use this device, but it’s a great one to store in your car’s glove box, or take along with your backpack when hiking, for example.

The unit also comes with a USB charging cable that can help power its battery ahead of time, so you can recharge the mobile phone without having to hand-crank it yourself, which can get tiring after a while. If you have one of those USB adapters that plug into a wall, you can recharge it that way (or use your computer). The only drawback on this (apart from your arm eventually getting tired from the hand-cranking) is that you need to use your phone’s charging cable, or have that available, to connect to the BoostTurbine 4000. So make sure you get an additional recharging cable to keep with the unit sitting in that glove box.”

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