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Be #SuperPrepared this Super Bowl!

via The Weather Channel: We’re still a week away from Super Bowl Sunday, so it is not possible to confidently nail down specifics – snow, rain, wind, temperature forecasts – for the game at this time. There are two main weather stories we’re focusing on for Super Bowl weekend:

  • Not as cold. Just in time, it appears the frigid cold from earlier in the week will relent. Instead of daily highs in the teens and 20s, it appears upper 30s or even perhaps low 40s will be in play for the big weekend, closer to average for early February.
  • Snow, freezing rain, or rain? To be clear, we are not anticipating a major storm with heavy precipitation to affect the Northeast on Super Bowl weekend. However, we are expecting a frontal system to slide into the Northeast Saturday. With colder air retreating, all precipitation types, from snow, to sleet, freezing rain, even rain, are on the table with this system. That said, some forecast guidance suggests that the front could move through with very little precipitation. While the majority of our guidance suggests most of this precipitation may fall Saturday into early Sunday, we still can’t completely rule out any lingering precipitation during the game itself.

Regardless of the Super Bowl’s pending weather, it’s important to keep prepared for any situation that may arise. Enter: #SUPERPREPARED. We’ll be showcasing some potential “What Ifs” for this coming weekend for THE BIG GAME! Pin your favorites, share the silliest!

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