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How to Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder this Winter

For most of us, the winter months mean extra gloominess and that cold-weather funk that’s hard to shake. For others though, that funk can balloon into seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is seemingly unshakeable. Regardless of how the winter months make you feel, here are a few tips to help you avoid seasonal affective disorder and overall gloominess this winter.

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  • Brighten up your home or office. Whether it’s natural or artificial, extra light goes a long way towards keeping SAD at bay. While natural light is preferable, if it’s not possible try switching lights with bulbs that stimulate natural light, or just add more lights in darker spaces. For extreme cases, light therapy may be necessary.
  • Spend time outside. Put the cold aside for a half hour or an hour each day and spend some time outdoors. Time spent walking in the sunlight can do wonders for improving your mood and boosting your vitamin D intake. The effects of daylight are beneficial even on cloudy days.
  • Get organized. Getting your tasks and projects in order—and making an effort to actually stay organized—can  help relieve the hopeless and depressed feeling that stems from looking at a mountain of work or thinking about long to-do lists. By arranging to-do lists, building productivity, and keeping your life organized, SAD is less likely to drag you down.
  • Stay active through exercise. Regular physical activity helps reduce both depression and fatigue. Make an effort to exercise during the day near sources of light when possible. Try to find a sport or hobby that you can enjoy during the winter months.
  • Socialize. Social contact, support, and maintaining your regular schedule is important during the gloomy winter months when your mood is affected. However don’t forget to get out of the house, try new things, and surround yourself with loved ones who won’t let the winter blues get you down.
  • Relax and eat right. Winter can be a high-stress time of the year that can make it even harder for those of us suffering from SAD to cope. Whether it’s daily yoga sessions in the morning or 30 minutes spent reading every night, finding ways to de-stress is important. Eating a well-balanced diet can also go a long way toward providing you with essential vitamins and minerals and improving your mood.

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Tell us, how else do you avoid seasonal affective disorder in the winter?  

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