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Long Distance Love: Tech Tips for Dealing

14 million couples claim they are in a long distance relationship. The average distance between long distance relationships is 125 miles, and the average long distance relationship lasts just 4.5 months.

Long Distance Love: Tech Tips for Dealing

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While 125 miles is a lot, there are plenty of tech solutions to help close the gap.  With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’re sharing our tech tips for dealing with long distance love:

  1. Email: Who says a love letter has to be sent via snail mail? Take the time to compose a true love letter—maybe even some poetry—and click the send button. Your significant other won’t mind that it doesn’t have a stamp on it.
  2. Skype: Make free domestic and international calls with Skype. You can also use it to video conference with a loved one to see their face, expressions, and surroundings as you catch up.
  3. FaceTime: Not near a computer? FaceTime lets you video chat with your beloved anywhere, anytime from your Apple device.
  4. Pinterest: While you might miss the subtle gift giving clues of everyday life, check out a significant other’s social media channels, especially Pinterest, to gather some helpful hints for thoughtful gifts and Valentine’s Day DIY projects.
  5. A good camera: For long distance loves, time spent together is invaluable. Be sure to have a good camera on-hand to record these special moments and turn to them later when the distance is hard and you miss that special someone.
  6. Battery backup: Of course, with where there is tech, there is a battery waiting to die. Our palm-sized Boost 8400 backup battery can charge two devices at once, ensuring you’re available to connect when your loved one is.

Are you in a long distance relationship? How do you plan to connect this Valentine’s Day?



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